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Baba left his mortal coil on the 15th October 1918. i.e. Dussehra / Vijayadashami. Since then, Dussehra is celebrated as Baba’s Maha Samadhi day. It is also known as Shri Sai Punyatithi. This year Dussehra is celebrated from 7th Oct - 10 Oct at Shirdi. Temple will remain open on 10th Oct (Dussehra). Sai devotees from across the globe can witness Live celebrations from Shirdi. Share the App with friends & family. Your support will help us serve Sai devotees better.


With Sai's blessings and support from all of you, OmniSai.Org is now a 501(C)(3) US Non-Profit Organization with Tax ID : 83-4502018. We are Sai Volunteers spread across the globe including India, USA, UK and Australia. Our goal is to provide 100% Ad-FREE pure Sai content via our Apps, create a Worldwide repository of Sai Temples and to make our Apps as one of the best All-In-One Resource for Sai devotees.


To date, we have 226 Sai Temples listed in our Worldwide Sai Temples repository, rated best-in-class App across iOS, Amazon and Android App stores with App users / site visitors in 6 continents, 122 countries, 49 states in USA, all 29 states in India and over 2000 cities worldwide. We receive about 10K views per day and send out nearly 1 million push notification messages / month via our Apps. Our Apps are 100% Ad-Free and developed for Sai devotees.


We provide the most comprehensive (content & functionality) Shirdi Sai App available on the market today. For full functionality and what we offer via App, please visit If you are convinced with what we do, please share our App with Sai devotees, friends and family members


Together we can serve Sai devotees better! Happy to collaborate with anyone who is / are interested in what we do to help Sai devotees and help spread the teachings of Sai Baba. Need an App like ours?

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