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OmniSai is a 501(C)(3) USA Non-Profit Organization with Tax ID : 83-4502018. We are Sai Volunteers spread across the globe including India, USA, UK and Australia. Our goal is to provide 100% Ad-FREE pure Sai content via our Apps, create a Worldwide repository of Sai Temples and to make our Apps as one of the best All-In-One Resource for Sai devotees. We have App users / Site visitors from 150+ countries, 49 states in USA, 29 states in India and from 3200+ cities Worldwide. Please Spread The Word. A FREE "App / Resource For And By Sai Volunteers!".

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"I get to know it from Facebook regarding this app. i downloaded it as soon as seeing all the features in app. more specifically, its Ad free that's the best initiative for this app. I am able to use the features without any disturbance. I love this app and its really handy to have all in one App. its just amazing. pls continue to provide this with same quality so that all Sai devotees will be benefitted and will be really happy! Om Sai ram. i will definitely spread a word about it to all."


"Sai bless them who have contributed to open this app. it's a blessing of Sai to all the Sai devotees Om Sai Raam"

"Not seen a Shirdi Sai Baba app like this before. All you need in one App I.e Live Darahan, Audio ( Aartis, Satcharitra, Chalisa), Readings, ability to find nearest Sai temple based on current location and resources section for travel, accommodations and booking of darahan etc Lives up to its name "Shirdi Sai Baba All-In-One""

"This is great. God bless you. Please keep this forever"

"Thank you for creating such an amazing app which has truly all the nectar of Sai’s love in one place. Excellent quality and very easy to navigate."


We are Sai volunteers. We invite Sai devotees to make our Apps one of the best places to obtain pure Shirdi Sai content.


We intend to never advertise in our Apps or on our website, have no hidden agenda, never promote a specific temple location or their events and intend to keep this service always FREE.


We like to keep our Apps 100% Ad-Free and like to make our site a very useful resource for Sai devotees. Our App are available on Apple / Google / Amazon App Stores and our site works across all desktop, mobile and tablet browsers.


Through our Apps we intend to provide best possible undistracted experience to Sai devotees.


We are a community of Sai devotees spread across the globe. It is what makes us one community i.e, Sai volunteers.

We request all Sai devotees to spread the word about our site or Apps. It may be one of the best ways to share Sai's love with others!

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